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  • Industrial Session I: Future Network and 5G Mobile

    13:30-15:30, October 19 (Wednesday), 2016

    Time Title Invited Speakers
    13:30-15:30 OpenStack in Telco: How Open HW/SW Drives Infrastructure Innovation Dr. Kang-Won Lee, Senior Vice President, SK Telecom
    5G Wireless Communication: Enabler for 4th Generation Industrial Revolutions Dr. Byung K. Yi, Executive Vice President & CTO, InterDigital, USA
    5G: From Theory to Practice Mr. James Kimery, Director of Marketing, National Instruments, USA

    Invited Talk 1: “OpenStack in Telco: How Open HW/SW Drives Infrastructure Innovation”
    Dr. Kang-Won Lee, Senior Vice President, SK Telecom

    SKT has been at the forefront of providing advanced telco services. We are now preparing the 5G mobile services. To support next generation apps, network infrastructure should be composable, open and scalable. In essence, it should become more like a datacenter consisting of compute, network, storage infrastructure with various software layers for operation, control, and analysis. In this talk, I present the “all IT” network for 5G and how it is being built using open hardware and open software technologies. I will provide concrete examples of technology development that are necessary to build such networks and early experience from initial deployment.

    Dr. Kang-Won Lee is a Senior Vice President of R&D in Network and IT Convergence at SK Telecom. He is directing technology development in Software-Defined Infrastructure, including SDN (Software-Defined Networking) and SDS (Software-Defined Storage). He is also leading SKT’s contribution and collaborations with external entities such as ON Lab, Open Compute Project, and OpenStack Foundation. Before joining SK Telecom, he worked at IBM Watson Research (NY, USA) as an manager for 14 years. He has a record of successfully managing research projects of various sizes (including a multi-year $100s million dollars). At IBM he led technology development in Network Analytics, Cloud Computing, and Wireless Networking. His team contributed to several IBM products, including IBM TPC SAN configuration checker, Informix, SPSS, G2, and Tivoli Netcool. Kang-Won published more than 100 papers and 30 patents. He gave keynote speeches at major events including OpenStack Summit, OCP Summit, Open Networking Summit, and an OECD Meeting. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a MS and a BS in Computer Engineering from Seoul National University. He is an ACM Distinguished Scientist and an IEEE Senior Member.

    Invited Talk 2: “5G Wireless Communication: Enabler for 4th Generation Industrial Revolutions”
    Dr. Byung K. Yi, Executive Vice President & CTO, InterDigital, USA

    The rapid advancement of mobile communication technologies with unforeseeable computing power, ubiquitous broadband network, and web-based cyber world has been enabling the new hyper-connectivity among persons and things, opening the new era of 4th generation industrial revolution. This revolution will touch all industries and even our daily lives for good. This presentation defines the 5th generation wireless communications currently under full scale developments and tries to link with the 4th Generation industrial revolution in every aspects of businesses. It will create oppertunities redesigning the business models and processes along the new paradigm and technical challenges to meet the massive connectivity, middle-ware, data analytics, cloud resources, and service/applications. The presentation will provide a sneak-pick of our lives beyond 5G Wireless/4th Gen Industrial Resolution rea.

    Byung K. Yi is InterDigital’s Executive Vice President, InterDigital Labs, and Chief Technology Officer. As head of InterDigital Labs, Dr. Yi is responsible for directing the development of advanced wireless and network technologies, the evolution of standards-based technologies and the company’s participation in wireless standards bodies. Dr. Yi joined InterDigital in April 2014 from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), where he had served as assistant division chief of engineering since 2012. Prior to his appointment at the FCC, Dr. Yi was at LG Electronics from 2000 to 2012,whereas Senior Executive Vice President he headed the company’s North American R&D center. A former member of InterDigital’s Technology Advisory Council, Dr. Yi contributes more than 30 years of advanced wireless development experience. Dr. Yi also contributes a strong history of industry leadership. He currently serves on the board of directors of the Telecommunications Industry Association and has served on the board of directors or steering committees of a number of professional organizations, including the Center for Wireless Communications, the 3rd Generation Partnership Project 2 Technical Specification Group, and a number of others. He was awarded the prestigious CDG (CDMA Development Group) Industry Leadership award, been recognized by the National Engineer Week (NEW) Foundation, and inducted to the Hall of Fame by the School of Engineering and Applied Science of George Washington University. Dr. Yi received his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Yonsei University (Korea), his master’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Michigan, and his doctoral degree in electrical engineering from George Washington University.

    Invited Talk 3: “5G: From Theory to Practice”
    Mr. James Kimery, Director of Marketing, National Instruments, USA

    5G is creating much excitement around the world, and much work has been completed recently to further address the stated 5G goals covering system aspects such as peak data rates, latency and capacity. This presentation will outline several of the latest prototype developments covering mmWave and cmWave, new waveforms, advanced wireless networks, and Massive MIMO with an indepth look at the architecture and tools used to create the prototypes. This overview will include the latest progress in the standardization bodies and spectrum designations as well as new opportunities and technologies being considered for 5G standard inclusion.

    James Kimery is the Director of Marketing for National Instruments RF / Communications and SDR initiatives. In this role, James is responsible for the company's communication system design and software defined radio strategies. He also manages NI’s advanced research RF and Communications Lead User programs. Prior to joining NI, James was the Director of Marketing for Silicon Laboratories' wireless division. As Director, the wireless division grew revenues exceeding $250M (from $5M) and produced several industry innovations including the first integrated CMOS RF synthesizer and transceiver for cellular communications, the first digitally controlled crystal oscillator, and the first integrated single chip phone (AeroFONE). AeroFONE was voted by the IEEE as one of the top 40 innovative ICs ever developed. James also worked at National Instruments before transitioning to Silicon Labs and led many successful programs including the concept and launch of the PCI eXtensions for Instrumentation (PXI) platform. James was a founding member of the VXIplug&play Systems Alliance, VISA working group, and PXI System Alliance. He has authored over 30 technical papers and articles covering a variety of wireless and test and measurement related topics. James holds degrees from the University of Texas at Austin (MBA) and Texas A&M University (BSEE).

    Industrial Session II: AI & IoT

    13:00-15:00, October 20 (Thursday), 2016

    Time Title Invited Speakers
    13:00-15:00 Naver's Research and Development on Artificial Intelligence Dr. Chong-Mok Park, Director, Naver Corporation
    Welcome to the Cognitive Era - a New Era in Technology, a New Era in Business Mr. Changwoo Jung, Korea Lab. Director, IBM
    Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) by GE Mr. Willy Cho, Country Executive, GE Digital Korea

    Invited Talk 4: “Naver's Research and Development on Artificial Intelligence”
    Dr. Chong-Mok Park, Director, Naver Corporation

    In this talk, Dr. Park will present research activities in the area of artificial intelligence within Naver. He will introduce research conducted by Naver Labs on deep learning technology and its applications such as voice recognition and synthesis, image processing and recognition, and machine translation. He will also present research done by Naver Search such as search query processing and ranking, machine learning applications for product search, location-based search, visual summarization, and style search. He will show how aritificial intelligence technologies are being applied to online and mobile services such as Naver and LINE.

    Dr. Chong-Mok Park is a technical director with over 25 years of software products and technology development expertise in the IT industry. He is currently leading the technology collaborations of NAVER Labs. He joined NAVER in 2007 and has had experiences in software development in large corporations such as Samsung Electronics as well as technology-based venture companies such as WISEngine, and CinTel. He has earned PhD and MS Degree at KAIST. He also has working experience at IBM Almaden Research Center (San Jose) as a visiting faculty.

    Invited Talk 5: “Welcome to the Cognitive Era - a New Era in Technology, a New Era in Business”
    Mr. Changwoo Jung, Korea Lab. Director, IBM

    The cognitive era is here, you will have chance to join the movement before it’s too late. Through general introduction about the direction that we are heading into and insightful industry specific use cases, you’ll get to realize the power and scope of the latest cognitive solutions that you can integrate into your own business right now. You’ll also learn how cognitive technologies fundamentally transform everything from IoT to commerce to medical care, and you’ll get to explore the most innovative advances in data science, advanced analytics, and so much more. Join us to see few examples and learn how you can get started with Watson.

    Changwoo Jung is leading Korea Lab. and IBM Client Center, responsible for creating assets and reference case closely working with clients on emerging technologies area such as IoT, Industry Analytics, Watson offerings, Bluemix, Hybrid Cloud to drive market differentiation for IBM in Korea as senior technical leader. He is also very enthusiastic to explore the emerging technologies and his commitment and passion extends far beyond academic pursuit to solving real world problem.
    Prior to his current assignment, he was the senior manager of software solutions AET (Advanced Engineering Team) in Korea Software Solutions Lab. focusing on industry solution software area especially Smart City solution offerings, Big Data – content analytics area, social media analysis and IoT (Internet of Things) platform research.
    He began his career with IBM in 2001 as a software engineer joining pervasive computing and telematics solution area. He then went on to work on emerging technology areas as solution architect and served as technical strategy lead for the lab. He received a Master of Engineering in School of Computer Science and Engineering from Seoul National University.

    Invited Talk 6: “Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) by GE”
    Mr. Willy Cho, Country Executive, GE Digital Korea

    The adoption of Industrial internet has been limited, compared to the commercial counterpart, and the transformation is taking place in the area of data analytics and relevant technology. It is largely due to the decreasing cost of sensor and data storage, and GE is leading the charge with its ‘digital industrial’ initiative. Through the session, the speaker will share the market trends in the industrial segments, bold movement by GE and journey ahead for prospect customers and the industrial ecosystem.

    Willy Cho is responsible for GE’s Digital business in Korea. As part of GE's efforts to drive Industrial Internet adoption he leads and develops business opportunities with its digital ecosystem, as well as managing the overall commercial relationship and engagements between the customers, and the GE businesses. Prior to joining GE, Willy served as the head of partners & alliances for Amazon Web Services in the region and spent a seasoned career at Cisco Systems where he held a variety of leadership roles in the commercial & BD functions both in Korea and Asia Pacific Region. Willy holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science from Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada.